Wednesday, 8 October 2008

About Us

The idea of Less Told Stories as a blog emerged from an informal documentary group based in Ilkley, a small town in West Yorkshire, U.K. As our name suggests, we are interested in documentaries that alert us to another way of seeing, documentaries which explore the world we live in, our times, the issues that affect us all from the standpoint of 'justice', the hidden structures of power. These together constitute the 'less-told-stories' approach.

Many documentary-makers use their own money and labour to tell what they see as an important story. They are chroniclers of our times. We want to encourage them, introduce them to new audiences and introduce communities to the rich and diverse world of documentaries lost on the highway of commercial screening and ignored by the corporate media. Above all, we are interested in documentaries that enlighten us on the truth about power and the power of individual and collective acts of integrity, resistance and working for a more just world.

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